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Business Consulting


KR2 is a Sydney-based Web Design Company which specialises in making affordable, results-driven business websites.

We'll have you up and running in 21 days or less with your new website.

These days, we believe there are three things that are usually wrong with most small business websites, they either:

a. look ugly as hell
b. don't make any sales or generate any leads
c. cost an arm and a leg

Others may look good (often made by graphic designers who have got no idea about marketing) but they dont generate sales, and the rest are expensive websites which may work but not before you fork over four, five or even ten thousand bucks.

We love making beautiful, easy-to-use websites that don't cost the earth.

If it's time for a new website, or your current one flat-out sucks, then call us today on 1300 305 447.  more

Healthcare and Recreational

Skinovate Prahran

We are a leading cosmetic and skin clinic in Melbourne offering microdermabrasion, fraxel, cosmetic injectables, lip enhancement, dermal fillers, hair transplants and many other skin treatments!

Visit Us At:
More Details:  more

Marketing, Media and Communication

Reef Digital Agency Pty Ltd

Reef Digital Agency is a Sydney-based digital agency that specialises in search engine marketing, Google Adwords management, social media campaign management and content creation.

A certified Google AdWords agency partner and accredited by Microsoft's Advertising Professionals program, the team at Reef Digital Agency can help you to:

1. Increase the number of helpful, quality visits your website receives from online advertising campaigns.

2. Lift the visibility of your website in the organic, natural search results for valuable keywords.

3. Measure and continually improve the effectiveness of your website, so you receive more leads and sales.

For more information, please visit today or call (02) 9412-1812 for an obligation free consultation.  more

Marketing, Media and Communication

Justin Grima

If you are highly motivated and driven by success this is an opportunity of a life time.

Global Marketing Company seeks Distributors. We are an established market leader in the personal media industry that is enjoying continued growth and success. Distributors receive full and ongoing training and support. No boundaries. Lucrative compensation plan.
Join a $19 billion market of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT the fastest growing market in the world.

This allows women and men of all ages to make a real significant change to their income, lifestyle and personal growth. The lifestyle Business where we teach you how to work smarter not harder, creating a work/life balance.

Get the results you really want with a powerful Business system. Our unique business model works by following a simple proven 3 step system. The system takes away all the selling and telling and works on your behalf.
Creating a life you deserve, create abundance in all areas of your LIFE, TIME, FREEDOM, HEALTH, and MONEY.

Become an ENTREPRENEUR today to breakthrough the barriers and create the life you want. A PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT program that gets results.
The people im aiming to attract are individuals that are looking to achieve results, want a career change, stay at home mums and dads, you could be looking for a part time full time job, and of course individuals that wanna help others. So if any of these sound like you please don't waste any time and get in contact to find out more information.

Thanks for your time. please visit my website for more information.  more

Legal Services

Elizabeth Rebolledo

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Innovative commercial and IP legal firm dedicated to providing up to date and relevant legal advice. We offer a 'mobile' service to our clients to minimise unnecessary interruptions to their business.

We offer specific legal advice to entrepreneurs, start ups and established business owners to ensure their interests are protected.  more

Have your fax machine set up so that incoming faxes are received via email. This will save you the cost of printing them each time + provides the correspondence in pdf format for you to save directly to your computer.
Business Consulting

Walk Like a Rock Star

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Walk Like a Rock Star is a division of the corporate coaching company Coaching and Transformations Australia.

Walk Like a Rock star is an executive and lifestyle coaching company that specialises in working with business professionals.

Our Executive Coach Sonya Blondinau, was an executive for 21 years and through this and her own personal experiences she has developed a unique approach to personal and professional development.

We have walked in your shoes so we know what it is like to lack direction in your life.

We offer coaching packages and workshops to get you back on track.

Why do we do this? To empower you to walk like a rock star and succeed in every area of your life.

Empowering your staff creates trust, creativity, affiliation to the company and gives them a sense of achievement. This increases productivity and reduces staff turn over.
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